York Blood Biker: #Risingtothechallenge

National Blood Bike Awareness Day – Friday 14th August 2020

A volunteer Blood Biker from Haxby has been given a Service Award in recognition of his support for the, “Free to the NHS”, urgent transportation service, during the height of the pandemic outbreak.

Advanced-Qualified motorcyclist, John Coe, has spent countless hours voluntarily transporting blood samples and medication from Hospices and Hospitals in and around the York area.

John volunteers with Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes, an independent Blood Bike Charity.

Whiteknights’ North Yorkshire Manager, David Dickinson speaking on National Blood Bike Awareness Day – 14th August said:

“During the height of the pandemic outbreak, Whiteknights became a 24/7 voluntary service in addition to the usual, “Out of Hours” transportation service we provide to the NHS free of Charge overnight and at weekends.

“During this time, not only did John provide countless hours of service, I felt he went above and beyond, by stepping in and supporting other volunteers who were also on operational duties for Whiteknights. John also helped with other areas of the service like taking motorcycles for vital maintenance during lockdown. I wanted to recognize his commitment and enthusiasm – especially as the theme of National Blood Bike Day this year is, “Rising to the Challenge,” something which John has embodied.”

Pictured receiving his award, John said: “I’m speechless and taken by surprise to receive such an award. During the pandemic, being part of a voluntary Blood Bike team has been very rewarding – we had a job to do for North Yorkshire Patients and I feel very proud to in some way have helped the NHS during this challenging time.”

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