Bumper year for vital service…

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes have been analysing the statistics of our voluntary urgent delivery activities for the entire year of 2023.

Below are the total 2023 statistics of our charity’s service to the NHS and to the Hospices we support.We responded to 3254 Urgent call-outs for local patients. Then we participated in 64 national relays alongside our neighbouring Blood Bike Groups to benefit a patient elsewhere in the country.

Isn’t that remarkable? We delivered 2362 Blood and Covid samples, nearly a thousand Pharmacy items and medications for patients and made 32 donated Breast Milk deliveries.

UK Blood Bike groups provide a vital, potentially life-saving service 365 days a year.

The Whiteknights’ fleet of Blood Bikes travelled over ninety thousand miles with almost 5800 volunteer hours on call covering the whole of Yorkshire.

We genuinely believe we have saved the NHS well over £100,000 in urgent transportation costs during 2023.

This voluntary service is entirely reliant on public donations.

Please consider making a donation to us at this time to support us through the winter.


The Whiteknights’ motto: – “We would never presume to have saved a life – but we’re very proud to think we make a real difference.”

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