Kippax community cash for Blood Bike Charity…

Kippax community members have donated to Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bike to support their urgent deliveries.

The West Yorkshire charity used volunteer motorcyclists to make urgent deliveries of blood samples and medication during the night and at weekends. A voluntary service which is entirely free to the NHS.

Members of the Open House Group at Kippax Methodist Church joined the customers of Auto Spare Kippax to make a donation of over £300.

Pictured is Advanced-Qualified Volunteer Rider, John SIngleton who added : “We really appreciate the generosity of these groups of people from the Kippax community. Every penny we receive goes to providing this vital out of hours service.”

Pictured is Whiteknights Volunteer, John Singleton alongside Ian Wilkinson of Auto Spares Kippax and members of the Kippax Open House Group.

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