York family presents a donated Blood Car to Yorkshire Charity…

The family of a post-war era, North York Moors AA Patrol Man has presented a donated Blood Car to Whiteknights, the Yorkshire Emergency Voluntary Blood Bike charity.

Bertil Wilson, patrolled the North York Moors for 35 years from the 50’s to the 80’s, initially on a motorbike and sidecar and was renown in his local community.

In memory of his father, Peter donated the Skoda Fabia Blood Car named, “Boy Wilson” in Bertil’s honour.

At the unveiling at York Hospital today Peter and his wife Maggie were presented with a “Whiteknights Champions” award in recognition of their generosity.

The car will be used to transport urgent blood specimen samples, donated breast milk, and urgent medications by volunteer drivers at no cost to the NHS.

The Yorkshire Blood Bike charity is reliant on cars during adverse weather conditions too dangerous to use their fleet of motorcycles. Prior to this donation volunteers were using their own vehicles in freezing winter temperatures.

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes made over 3000 urgent deliveries last year for hospitals and hospices and travelled more than 80,000 miles around the region.

Pictured at the unveiling from the York Hospital Trust: Jenny Fullthorpe, Krishnan Sharma, Joanna Andrew. Whiteknights Volunteers: Mike Harrison and Andy Richardson are alongside the vehicle’s donors, Peter and Maggie Wilson.

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