Urgent FMT national relay conducted on Blood Bike Day

Meanwhile the vital work we do continues. On National Blood Bike Awareness Day 2021, Whiteknights have deployed Advanced-Qualified Advanced Rider, Mike to participate in a national relay.

Today we have conveyed an urgent Faecal Matter Transplant from South Yorkshire, handing over to David from BloodRun EVS at Scotch Corner. We done for all the, behind-the-scenes organisation that makes this possible.

Whiteknights support the Hospice network…

Over now to Overgate Hospice on National Blood Bike Awareness Day.

We continue to be inspired by the on-going care and dedication at Overgate Hospice. Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes are honoured to be able to support them in any way we can all year round.

New vehicles join the fleet…

And so onto our main announcement for National Blood Bike Awareness Day 2021. Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes are delighted to launch into Operational Service our two new additions to the fleet.

Pictured are North Yorkshire Regional Manager, Martin Benson, Volunteer Rider, Trevor Cooper and Whiteknights’ Fleet Manager, Adam Stead with our two BMW X2 cars.Excalibur 1 and Excalibur 2 are on loan from BMW UK courtesy of Stratstone BMW Harrogate and Sandal BMW Huddersfield.

Martin said earlier today: “We’re delighted to receive these vehicles into service with Whiteknights. During the winter months they will ensure we are able to keep responding to calls in all weather conditions.”

Blood Bikers say thank you to Terberg DTS UK – fuel sponsor.

Friday 13th August 2021 is National Blood Bike Awareness Day.

Whiteknights’ Volunteer Advanced-Qualified riders will be wearing their Blood Bike jackets with pride as we join other independent Blood Bike Charities across the UK in celebrating the countless hours of volunteering to make urgent deliveries – free to the NHS – by volunteer motorcyclists.

There are now in excess of 3000 volunteer blood bikers in the UK who throughout the Pandemic have worked around the clock to respond to urgent call-outs to move Blood Samples, COVID-19 tests and other vital medical supplies and medications between hospitals and hospices.

For Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes, Blood Bike Awareness Day 2021, is the perfect opportunity to say an enormous thank you to one of the most significant supporting sponsors in our history.

Elland-based firm, Terberg DTS UK have been paying to fuel our fleet. That’s right. We’ve responded to more than 3000 urgent call-outs in the last year and Terberg DTS have paid for all the petrol – that’s covering more than 80,000 miles of travel across our entire fleet. Whiteknights say a heartfelt and sincere, “thank you!”, for making such a major contribution to the care of patients across Yorkshire and enabling us to do what we do.

Pictured, lined up in salute to Terberg DTS UK are 5 motorcycles from the Whiteknights’ fleet. On Blood Bike Day 2021 – this is the day we say thank you for fueling the fleet.