Volunteer Blood Bikers thank their fuel sponsor…

A West Yorkshire based company has paid for over 5500 urgent Blood Bike journeys to support the NHS, during its two-year sponsorship of Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes.

Volunteer Motorcyclists gathered at the Elland Headquarters of Terberg DTS UK Special Vehicles to publically thank the Terberg Charitable Foundation.

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes West Yorkshire Manager, Matthew Butterfield commented: “Terberg has fuelled our fleet of Blood Bike Motorcycles for the last two years. In that time they have paid for the petrol of over 5500 urgent, “Out-of-hours,” Blood Bike motorcycle journeys.

“Having our fuel sponsored for the first time since our formation in 2008 has been instrumental in ensuring our vital work of supporting Hospitals and Hospices in the region could continue post-pandemic. Terberg DTS UK have also supplied and sponsored one of our motorcycles. They have been the most generous and supportive local business in the history of our charity and we are incredibly grateful for their support.”

Managing Director of Terberg DTS UK, Alisdair Cooper added:

“We wanted to recognise that our voluntary Blood Bikers in Yorkshire do a fabulous job to benefit our community and Yorkshire Patients. The riders achieve so much moving Blood Samples, medications, donated breast milk and medical supplies every day of the year. It’s been an absolute pleasure to support their voluntary work for this period.”

Pictured are volunteer Blood Bikers  alongside Whiteknights’ West Yorkshire Manager, Matthew Butterfield thanking Alisdair Cooper of Terberg DTS UK.

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